As always we kick off each month here at The Marketing Shop with a selection of themes that you might like to use in your Social Media Marketing.

Some months lend themselves to quite a number of themes, February is one of those but we’re going to have a look at a few other ideas that might work for your business if you’re in need of a little inspiration.

3rd February – World Read Aloud Day; for those with children this is quite probably something you’ve had a lot more of in the past year with the advent of home-schooling. The idea of this awareness day is to encourage you to read aloud with others (adults as well as children) who perhaps aren’t confident in reading out loud. Like lots of things in life practice really helps so this is a reminder, it’s also an opportunity to work with those around you who maybe learn differently such as those who are Dyslexic. If you’re in education or as a retailer you sell books there’s a super opportunity here for you. If you’re an avid reader or for whatever reason have an appreciation for the challenges some people have with reading why not run a giveaway related to the industry you’re working in? Learn more on this day and find inspiration at this link World Read Aloud Day

4th February – World Cancer Day; sadly this is an illness that at some point many of us or our loved ones will experience. The theme behind this year’s awareness day is ‘I Am And I Will, Together All Of Our Actions Matter’ and really that is the case. While the scientific and medical communities will continue to make great strides in how they treat people as individuals and businesses we all have a part to play in some way to support their work. The official site for this date is available at World Cancer Day 2021 and the # is #IAmAndIWill. Coffee mornings albeit virtual ones this year are always a popular option, virtual walks or runs can work too, for those who are open for business assisting in the sale of anything that allows for funds to be raised can be a really appreciated support. If you’re not quite sure how you might as a business do something for the greater good, local organistions such as The Irish Cancer Society here in Ireland have a lot of ideas that can be great fun and easily implemented in your business, some of which you can involve your online community with too.

5th February – World Nutella Day; this has been around for a few years now and is a dream for chocoholics everywhere! For many a nice big jar of Nutella is as far as particpation goes but if you have a look at Nutella’s official site for the event they have some super ideas that will make for some great fun with kids or through your social media whether it’s recipes, photos or even Nutella art! Usually we’d be suggesting this is a super idea for hospitality, we are however in very different times so it’s quite different right now but if you’re keeping your social media channels open during the lockdown period or you’re somebody who regularly shares an insight into interests such as food this can be used well for you.

7th February – Ireland’s Six Nation’s Campaign Gets Underway Against Wales; for rugby enthusiasts these are much-longed-for matches in a tournament that was underway in 2020 when the pandemic changed everything ultimately ending in October. There won’t be the usual trips to the grounds or catching up with friends in the pubs but that doesn’t mean the rugby fans out there can’t mark it in some way. Wish your team well, give that one team member from your opponent’s team a shout-out, run a virtual office sweep, give away a jersey as you raise awareness of your business (or raise funds for a good cause), come up with the perfect match-day menu for takeaway or even engage in a little banter online in sporting threads. You’ll know if it’s a good fit for your business but it’s one that can work for lots of industries particularly as you’re supporting your national team.

8th February – Clean Out Your Computer Day; we’re including this one as with so much more time online for personal and business use you quite likely don’t have an IT person close to hand in the office if you’ve been used to it or you might even have had to set up office on the kitchen table – and with that quite likely snacks on the go?! We’re not recommending anybody get stuck into their computer with the nearest screwdriver but no harm in a gentle clean, you’d be amazed what gets stuck between the keys! If your business is related to technology some helpful tips to safely clean the keyboard and screen that you take for granted might go down well too. There is also the more technical but pratical side of cleaning out your computer – clearing down inboxes, organising folders, checking passwords and apps, even managing subscriptions – all of which with a little thought can work for supporting businesses such as IT Consultants or Virtual Assistants.

9th February – Safer Internet Day; an important day and probably more so than ever before with every one of us learning, working, shopping and socialising online on a scale like never before. Mostly when we think of internet safety it’s children that spring to mind first but with so many people embracing Zoom or social networks for the first time so that they can stay in touch with friends and family it’s worth maybe remembering on this day that vulnerable users span every age group. Here in Ireland there’s a super site operated by Webwise where you’ll find great tools and resources clearly outlined to suit parents, teachers and various age groups. As a business owner if you’re involved in technology, marketing or education you might share some awareness posts or tips to mark this occasion. If you’re a retailer and maybe feeling that you need a break from posting about your own products how about a helpful post to your audience directing them to official resources, people will always appreciate the responsible side of your operation too.

13th February – Galentine’s Day; this is one that’s become increasingly popular in recent years, a celebration of great girl friends or for some almost an anti-Valentine’s event to celebrate all that’s great about being single. At a time when it’s quite complicated to socialise or date, how about running a dedicated 13% discount (or more if you’re feeling generous!) to celebrate this date? Or, make it fun and encourage your audience to nominate great friends for a surprise. It’s not for every business but it is increasingly popular with younger people particularly, why not do a search online or on social media if you’d like to learn more? It’s also become a date of note in marketing circles, one recent post from Forbes.com who are traditionally a business magazine came up with some ideas on how to mark it.

14th February – Valentine’s Day; loved up or happily single, the hearts and flowers started to appear in early January and this year millions of people across the world will celebrate it at home or virtually. Lots of businesses naturally lend themselves to a promotion around this area – retailers with gift ideas, florists, restaurants offering takeaway meals, jewellers – for these the promotions are already underway with many a pink or red graphic detailing just why you should choose them this Valentine’s for your loved one. Sometimes even those businesses you wouldn’t ordinarily consider for a romantic occasion can make a success of the event such as this garden centre in the UK. If you want to include this in your business do it in the most positive fashion possible, even if you’re not feeling the love. A simple ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ works for lots of businesses who take a light-hearted approach to days like this, it might not however work too well if you’re working in an environment where serious business or financial news is the order of the day! If somebody seizes the day and proposes that’s acceptable behind the scenes news for all sorts of businesses as is a delivery of flowers or a pretty window display. If you decide to go with a nod to Valentine’s make sure it feels comfortable for you, if it’s not a good fit you can simply ignore it too.

16th February – Pancake Tuesday; the lemons, nutella and pancake mixes are well and truly visible in the shops since the end of January and love them or hate them you really can’t miss this date if you’re near a supermarket (in Ireland anyway). We seem to cover a lot of food-related days in these monthly posts but something like this an option you can bring into any business – could Jenny from accounts come up with a better pancake than John in IT? Make it fun, share it via zoom but show your audience something about the human side of your business as we all know that a good laugh is good for all of us. Sneak in little helpers in the form of the kids if they’re home schooling or have your followers vote. Even share your own disasters, yes they’re not the most complicated things to cook but you’ve probably got somebody on the team who only ever buys ready-made ones for a reason. Have a bit of fun and think about the people in your business who this year are quite likely working closer to their own kitchens than they ever will again so think how you can have a little fun with it for engagement. And, for those who would like to look at some ideas for recipes you can’t go wrong with Ireland’s favourites Odlums.

17th February – Random Acts Of Kindness Day; a little kindness is good for all of us and at a time when we’re all living very differently how about marking this one day as a specific date to do something kind in your business (or as an individual, that’s a personal matter). On the official site for this day RandomActsOfKindness.org there’s a whole host of resoures from worksheets for educators and colouring sheets for children to inspirational quotes and some really nice stories on kindness. This is a date that lends itself to individuals and businesses in many ways, it’s one for your imagination. If you do engage though, make sure to use #RandomActsOfKindness in your social media posts.

22nd February – Single Task Day; we like this one as while in theory we’re all home more with fewer options for our spare time many of us will find ourselves mult-tasking in ways we never expected – home-schooling anyone? Even outside of our covid times some of us are guilty of having about 20 tabs open on our desktop and not switching off the email frequently enough leaving ourselves open to interruptions as we work on other tasks. We can see how this might be used on social media for anybody practising any sort of coaching or self-awareness programmes, how a virtual assistant might share the benefits of one task at a time, how a technically-minded person might have ideas of how their product works best when it’s not stressed (computers not performing at their optimum is one that springs to mind). Or, you could use this as a means of sharing a bit of a ‘how we work behind the scenes’ theme as even where we’re socially distanced or working remotely there will always be one person with a clear desk and a single tab with another who’s screen is smothered in post-its and is working on three projects simultaneously – ask your audience how they work, you might be pleasantly surprised at the interaction.

27th February – World NGO Day; celebrated in 89 countries across the world this is one to note if you can do anything at all to support all of those NGOs who do amazing work in less-fortunate communities and groups. The NGO or Non-Governmental Organisation term came about in 1945 when the United Nations was formed and ever since on local and international levels they’ve been a powerful influence in improving lives. There are many NGOs operating here in Ireland, if there’s one with a mission that works with your business have a look at how they’re marking it and whether you can get involved as part of your corporate responsibilties. You can find a list of some local NGOs here in Ireland at this link if something specific doesn’t spring to mind.

As with every day in business you will always have to prioritise your own products and services, our posts are designed to encourage you to think even occasionally outside of self-promotion as it can benefit your business enormously – try it if you’re not sure just once this month.

If you’d like advice on how to use social media channels effectively in your business or you love the idea of somebody else taking care of it for you, get in touch with us here at The Marketing Shop and we’ll be happy to discuss options – you can schedule a call with Debbie on this link right now if you like!

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