We finally got to close the door on 2020 and while 2021 kicks off with some challenges, there is a light in sight and this year probably more than ever we all need something to work towards.

Generally January is a month for planning, with lots of people working from home this year it may be slightly different to the norm but the foundations laid now are in place for the year ahead. And, to help you get back on track we’ve got our latest post on dates or themes that may be useful this month for your social media on those days you need something other than your own business to share.

  1. 1st January – New Year’s Day is the obvious one but did you know it’s also ‘Copyright Day‘ and apparently this day is also known as ‘Euro Day’ to mark the date in 1999 when the Euro became the national currency for many countries in the EU.
  2. 2nd January – Science Fiction Day; a welcome distraction for many after several weeks of festive TV, mark it this year by celebrating with a favourite sci-fi movie.
  3. 2nd January – ‘Personal Trainer Day‘ – this year your trainer may be online but if you were a fitness or healthy-living business you might take advantage of this day to promote your new year offers.
  4. 4th January – Trivia Day; a nice theme you could incorporate into social media for many businesses, particularly as many are back to work officially today even if that means from a home office this year. A little trivia, quirky fact or even a competition might just refresh your social media channels as the first week of 2021 gets underway.
  5. 4th January – Weigh-In Day; something many of us are mindful of is a date after Christmas when you finally accept it’s longer the ideal to enjoy a selection box for breakfast and mince pies for lunch! The first Monday of January was selected as Weigh-In Day as it’s one item that makes onto the new year’s resolutions lists for so many and it makes sense to get it out of the way sooner. It could be incorporated into businesses in healthcare, fitness, healthy living, retail or fashion (gym gear was in every shop last week!) but only if it’s appropriate and you’re comfortable with it.
  6. 10th January – Peculiar People Day; celebrate being different if it works for you, a little clever thinking could make for an entertaining social media post or competition.
  7. 11th January – Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day; we included this one as we all need a little light relief right now and if you’ve ever looked at a young child enjoying a puddle you’ll know that sometimes it’s the little things that bring a smile. If you’re reading this from Ireland you might include this as part of #100DaysOfWalking – an online campaign to get us all walking for 30 minutes a day for 100 consecutive days, read more on the Newstalk website at https://www.newstalk.com/news/100-days-of-walking-2021-1128891
  8. 14th January – Dress Up Your Pet Day; it doesn’t have to be Halloween to get your four legged friends dressed up and given how right now we’re online more than usual and at home a lot more, this could make for a nice competition because depending on your business even if you don’t work with animals sharing your family pets can make for a little extra insight into the people behind the business that your audience will be happy to see.
  9. 15th January – Bagel Day; a day that marks the ever-popular food which while thought to have existed for approx 600 years now didn’t become popular until the 1970s in some countries, more recently in others. Given that those working in hospitality are restricted to takeaway right now this might be an opportunity to add something extra to the lunch menu or to share favourite fillings because while your audience are at home they’ve still got to eat and will be back out to enjoy more of their local businesses before we know it.
  10. 16th January – International Hot & Spicy Food Day; why not experiment with a new style of food? Or, if your business is a restaurant or food retailer, an opportunity for your customers to taste flavours new.
  11. 18th January – Thesaurus Day; those wonderfully helpful little books which more frequently are found online these days have helped many a copywriter or student over the years. Expanding our vocabulary is good for all of us and if you were working in anything to do with books or education there are opportunities around this day for you.
  12. 18th January – Blue Monday; considered to be the most challenging date of the year, it’s probably different this year as many days have been challenging to each and every one of us for all sorts of different reasons. On this date even make a point of being kind or sharing some information that might of use, not just for the sake of it though as you should ensure it’s suited to your business or industry as it must come from the right place and not to sell.
  13. 20th January – Cheese Lover’s Day; a date that works for those with an interest in food, if you’ve got a cheesy favourite to share include #cheeseloversday into your posts on this date.
  14. 26th January – Australia Day; a normal celebration of all things Australian, this year the world over people might view it differently given that many of us have family stranded at opposite sides of the world. If you’ve got Australians on your team or your audience includes people based in Australia, this would be a good day to mark in a special way for them.
  15. 27th January – Chocolate Cake Day; yes we know it’s traditionally a time for healthy living but who doesn’t deserve a treat?
  16. 28th January – International Lego Day; the little coloured pieces of plastic that are loved the world over has a day all of its own to celebrate all that’s great about Lego. The brand name came from ‘LEg GOdt’ which is Danish for ‘play well’ and millions of children (and some adults!) have done just that since the first plastic brick appeared in 1949. A good tie-in with those in any form of education or if there are families in your audience, it makes for a nice prize too.

Always a month of plans and resolutions, this year it’s a month of restrictions and challenges for many too so really over everything if you can bring a little positivity into your marketing and remember things are quite different for everyone right now in addition to relevant updates on your own products, services, industry you might just grab the attention of those who are spending more time on social media than ever before.

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