So we’re into July, school is officially finished for the summer and gradually all around us life is moving forward to a ‘new normal’. Even though we now have access to more activities than we’ve known for some months people are still at home more often that we would usually be this time of year, they’re also online a lot more – Facebook reported recently that some 3 billion were active on their family of apps during the pandemic.

And what does this mean for your business? Well, whether you’ve been open throughout as an essential service or because you could trade online, you’ve re-opened under new conditions or you’re just about to throw open the doors in the weeks ahead you should be online because more than ever there’s a strong possibility that your customers are too.

In this latest in our series of posts on dates to be aware of during the month ahead we’re sharing our suggestions for July 2020.

  1. International Joke Day – 1st July; we haven’t all had a whole lot to laugh about recently but if it’s appropriate you might use that in your favour to mark this day with something appropriate to your business that your audience will appreciate.
  2. Independence Day – 4th July; a highlight of the year for all things USA-related, you can be guaranteed the online world will be packed full of an abundance of red, white and blue this Saturday and what might ordinarily have been a series of events to mark the date will instead become virtual celebrations in one form or another. If it’s a theme that works for your business, perhaps because you’ve got employees from or living in the USA or you trade with companies located there consider how it might work for you.
  3. International Kissing Day – 6th July; established in 2006, this is a day designed for those in romantic relationships and would normally make for a super opportunity for those in hospitality or entertainment to run a themed event. This year however in a covid-19 conscious world when social-distancing is the norm perhaps consider how you might run a competition online – photos, stories, people you’re apart from – a little imagination and an appropriate prize and you could well find yourself with an event that gets the attention of a public looking for something of a distraction.
  4. New Conversations Day – 12th July; possibly not an international day but quite a nice idea that’s worth adopting, simply start a new conversation with a new person you come across and that simple kindness might make a difference. A nice idea for your social media too if you think about it…
  5. Bastille Day – 14th July; a little closer to home than the USA, this is France’s national day and one that’s celebrated on the same day every year. If you’ve got French connections in business give them a shout out, perhaps feature some French employees and their celebrations for the day or if you’ve got the opportunity to perhaps come up with a few French food ideas in a restaurant or cafe it’d be appropriate too.
  6. World Emoji Day – 17th July; with a name and a history stemming from Japan (e = picture, moji = character), these wonderful little colourful images can communicate where sometimes words don’t suit. Brighten up your social media on the day (as we’ve probably all been doing a lot more in recent times!), in many cases people respond favourably to them from businesses but not on every platform and certainly not for every post either!
  7. Moon Day – 20th July; this year marks 51 years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and whilst every business can’t becoming budding astronomers for the day if it is an area that interests you there are plenty of great tunes that can be shared to mark the day or if your audience is families it might be an opportunity to run a competition whilst educating the little people in their homes on what else is out there.
  8. Aunt & Uncle Day – 26th July; not quite certain whether this is an international day or not but we think it’s a great idea, these special men and women in the lives of children deserve a day to thank them for everything they do. An ideal option for family-oriented audiences, when did you last see a competition asking for aunts or uncles to be nominated for doing a great job?
  9. Lipstick Day – 29th July; thought to exist for around 5,000 years it’s said that Winston Churchill thought they were such amazing morale boosters that production wasn’t curtailed even during WWII. Celebrate it if you’re in the beauty business and for everybody else, why not dress up in your favourite or pick up a new one?
  10. Paperback Book Day – 30th July; you’re reading this article online and it’s increasingly the first choice for many of us when it comes to reading now but there’s something special about curling up with a really good book that no device can compete with. Mark the day by sharing a paperback you’re reading or think about a giveaway, selecting a book in your business area or even one that you know will appeal to your target audience.

Normally this time of year we’d be seeing check-ins at various airports, photos of cocktails by a pool and smiling faces of people enjoying festivals or great days out. This year we know it is going to be different, we may well see more photos in the weeks ahead as hair salons are open again and our options for entertainment become more varied. Trends in every business will be different when compared to previous years, people may spend their money in different ways but all of the signs show that one constant throughout this challenging time in our lives is the increasing usage of social media so even where you’re quieter than usual make sure to turn up on your social media channels.

If you need help with managing your social media, video or graphic creation, training, running an ad campaign or developing a strategy, please get in touch with us at 087-2785818 or debbie@themarketingshop.ie as we’ve got a range of options to suit – even if it’s just for the holiday season!

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