Almost at the half way point of the year and brighter days, even a little sunshine. And, for those of us in Ireland of course, a lovely long bank holiday weekend too.

In this month’s post in our series we’ve got, as always, a selection of dates to be mindful of or to include in your social media on the days when you need something a little different to your own business to talk about.

1st June – World Milk Day; this was launched in 2001 by the United Nations to encourage people to recognise the importance of milk in all of our diets and also to celebrate the dairy sector worldwide. You can find out more on this date on the official site at worldmilkday.org and the # is #WorldMilkDay #EnjoyDairy

2nd June – Rocky Road Day; that most delicious of treats it seems dates all the way back to Australia 1853! This one might suit a coffee shop as it’s the perfect treat with the takeaway coffees we’re all enjoying right now.

3rd June – World Bicycle Day; many of us re-discovered the joys of cycling during the lockdown periods over the past year, this really is the perfect time of year to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. In addition to the health benefits, cycling is also an affordable means of transport for even the poorest regions of our world. If cycling is something you enjoy or relevant to your business, the official site is at this link and the # is #BikeDay.

5th June – World Environment Day; the official site at worldenvironmentday.global encourages us to ‘Reimagine, Recreate, Restore’ as the focus is on us all working together to replace what has been taken from our natural environment over the years. This is a date that might be incoporated into any business that has an interest in environmental awareness. The official # for the day is #GenerationRestoration

7th June – Bank Holiday Monday; this one is only if you’re in Ireland, one to enjoy if you’re off.

11th June – Euro 2020; one of the first big re-scheduled events, for a couple of weeks it’s all about football as last year’s event takes place in 12 cities across Europe.

12th June – Rose Day; people tend to love or hate Rose, if you’re in hospitality however while we remain restricted this might be a very simple promotion to run if you’re in the hotel business or working with an outdoor area on this date.

12th June – Superman Day; another interesting theme you might work with, as suggested in our recent post on ideas for conversation starters, simple ideas such as asking your audience about topics such as their super powers or favourite superheroes can result in a very interesting conversation. Find out more at at popculture.net

14th June – World Cupcake Day; these ever-popular delicious treats work very well for any occasion, whether it’s a special birthday or just your morning coffee. The obvious businesses that can work with this include bakers, chefs, cookery schools or retailers. This could also be used as a fundraiser, a fun competition with winners submitting their recipe or finished product for a prize.

14th June – World Blood Donor Day; one of the more important awareness days, here in Ireland the Irish Blood Transfusion Service are asking us all to ‘Give Blood And Keep The World Beating’. As a business a simple share of a post to your audience might make a difference, as individuals if we can contribute in any way you will be helping to make a real difference. The local site here in Ireland to look for information is giveblood.ie and the official site by the World Health Organisation is at this link. For your social media the # is WorldBloodDonorDay

18th June – International Picnic Day; falling on a Friday this might not be the perfect day for everybody but you can always make up for it over the weekend. In recent times we’ve all become more used to outdoor experiences, the simple old-fashion picnic is very much back in fashion even if these days it’s more likely to come in a perfect picnic basket over the days of old many us remember where sand frequently made into your sandwich when you hit the beach! Retailers can work this with picnic packs, it can also make for anybody who enjoys the outdoors with a simple voucher giveaway.

20th June – Father’s Day; one day that we’re all aware of where fathers are celebrated or remembered. For many businesses the opportunities are very obvious and the cards and gifts have been very prominently displayed for many weeks now. Whatever business you are in though, a simple greeting to wish your audience well can go a long way.

21st June – International Yoga Day; a day to celebrate the wonders of yoga with many new fans taking an interest as online classes were a very welcome distraction as we stayed home more. The official site by the UN encourages us to think of the health benefits of this exercise which dates back some 5,000 years. Find out more at un.org/en/observances/yoga-day

25th June – Global Beatles Day; whatever age you are you know of a Beatles’ song, for me it was quite the surprise when my 6th class 12yr old picked one of their tunes as his favourite song for his yearbook 😀 Share a tune with your audience, enjoy some music at home or if you’re in any way musically-talented or working in entertainment, why not go live with a difference? The day was selected as it marks the date in 1964 they performed ‘All You Need Is Love’ to some 350 million as part of an Our World TV broadcast.

30th June – Social Media Day; this one gets a mention every year as whilst it’s a day those of us working in social media are very familiar with, it’s a day that many others can mark with a simple greeting or competition too, a means of engaging your audience online whatever your channel of choice. If you’re participating keep track or get involved in the conversation using #SocialMediaDay.

So that’s our suggestions for themes you might use if you need inspiration this month, the next in this series will be back for July but in the meantime stay tuned to our blog for our weekly posts covering topics that are relevant to small to medium sized business owners. Or, subscribe to our newsletter using the link below.

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