As a new month gets underway, we’re seeing brighter days ahead not just in that it’s not dark by 6pm these days but with a shift to the next stage of the times we’re in on the horizon albeit with some time to go for many to get back to normal.

We might have more events than ever before online but there are still many dates we’ll want to mark, this is our pick of themes that might be handy when you’re short on inspiration this month.

  • World Compliment Day – 1st March; starting off the month it’s World Compliment Day. According to the organisation behind the event “Emotions are contagious and a compliment is enough to make others happy” and we would have to agree. If you decide to get involved, use #complimentday in your posts. There are plenty of opportunities to use this day, a little kindness to others can make a real difference to somebody.
  • World Wildlife Day – 3rd March; with an origin dating back to 1973 the United Nations General Assembly designated this a day to focus on the changing face of the wildlife on our planet. Every year there’s a different theme and as you’ll note on the official website the theme for 2021 is ‘Forests & Livelihoods; Sustaining People & Planet‘. Use #ForestPeoplePlanet and/or #WWD2021 today in your social media posts and find ideas for participation at wildlifeday.org
  • World Book Day – 4th March; celebrated around the world and this year for the 24th time here in Ireland, this is a great opportunity to remind ourselves and the young people around us of the real joy of books. A simple way to use this effectively is a giveaway related to your business, remember people love prizes. Find out more about this occasion at https://www.worldbookday.com/world-book-day-ireland/
  • International Women’s Day – 8th March; women as we all know are wonderful and this is to celebrate everything that we’ve achieved and are yet to achieve in life. The theme for 2021 is ‘Choose To Challenge’ and you can follow updates on #IWD2021 and #ChooseToChallenge. With origins dating right back to 1909 whatever business you’re in it’s appropriate to mark it, if you’ve got a particularly strong female workforce and audience and you’re in a position to do so you might consider some sort of event or promotion, even a behind the scenes photo of the team of the women in your business is a simple way to get involved.
  • Barbie Day – 9th March; debuting in 1959 Barbie has most definitely evolved over the years into the modern female that she is today. Whilst it’s not to everybody’s taste this isn’t just a day that those working in the toy business can do something with, if you’re involved in baking wouldn’t it make for the ideal opportunity to showcase your talents with a Barbie theme? Incidentally it seems there’s now a ‘Ken Day’ for 13th March, just in case you wondered.
  • World Plumbing Day – 11th March; organised by the World Plumbing Council, this date recognise the importance of plumbing in the health of our society. It’s a day that’s suited to businesses around construction if appropriate. To follow updates on check out #WorldPlumbingDay.
  • Mother’s Day – 14th March; here in Ireland and in other countries such as the UK we mark this date that celebrates mothers in March, in other locations such as the US it’s celebrated in May. It’s a day that’s easily celebrated by most businesses although for those selling directly to a family audience it’s more important in their social media calendar. Promotions around this day might not be quite as easy when it’s all online but if you were in hospitality you could perhaps run a giveaway to have lunch delivered so Mum can have the day off? Retailers have all sorts of opportunities too, always remember though that if you run a competition to get the best value it really should strongly relate to the products or services you sell so you can get the right quality of new follower as opposed to just getting the numbers.
  • St Patrick’s Day – 17th March; at the time we wrote the March 2020 post for this series little did we know that we were facing the cancellation of the biggest celebration of this date that’s normally celebrated right across the world. As restrictions are still with us there won’t be any offline celebrations this year, you can however find some events for the day on the St Patrick’s Day Festival website or by following #spf2021 or #stparticksfestival online. In your own business a simple greeting on your social media is more than enough to mark it, for others if there’s an appropriate way to celebrate something uniquely Irish such as a product range find a way to use it too.
  • World Sleep Day – 19th March; for many this year has been something of a challenge when it comes to sleep, if you’ve got expert tips or advice on how best to get a better nights’ sleep this would be the day to highlight it. Recommendations for exercises, foods, de-cluttering tips for your bedroom, switching off earlier from your devices – if you’ve got a suggestion you’ll know it but only get involved if it’s relevant to your audience.
  • International Day Of Happiness – 20th March; introduced by the United Nations in 2013 it originated in the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas in Asia which is thought to be one of the happiest places in the world. Today do something different that makes you, your work colleagues and your customers just a little bit happier, we can all together do our bit to make the world a happier place. Follow #InternationalDayOfHappiness for updates or log on to https://www.dayofhappiness.net/#join
  • World Water Day – 22nd March; an important date across the world that’s been marked on this date since 1992. Many in developed countries take water for granted, in many regions across the world however this isn’t the case and signifcant work remains ongoing to try improve on this. The official site for this date which includes a lot of resources that might be useful such as social media images or posters is available at https://www.worldwaterday.org/ or follow #worldwaterday.
  • World Poetry Day – 21st March; a celebration of language which evolved from an event in Paris back in 1999 this is a day that’s celebrated in obvious outlets such as schools and colleges, libraries, bookstores but if you have an appreciation for poetry think about how you might bring it into your business – can you quote from a favourite poem, share something appropriate to your industry, is there something quirky that might work. Don’t just do it for the sake of it, if you’re comfortable enough around poetry you’ll know whether it can work or not. On social media you can keep track at #WorldPoetryDay.
  • Earth Hour – 27th March; In 2004 Australia’s World Wide Fund For Nature were exploring ideas to highlight climate change and they came up with ‘The Big Flick’ which on reaching across the world to San Francisco by 2007 became ‘Lights Out’ and over time this evolved to become ‘Earth Hour’ which is now thought to be an active campaign in over 200 cities across the world. It’s not an option for everybody in business to do something, you couldn’t for example switch off the lights with customers in-store but you might do something to mark it appropriately which your customers will appreciate too. It takes place at 8.30pm local time wherever you are and you can learn more on this year’s event at https://www.earthhour.org/ where this year there are a variety of digital events planned.

March is one of those months that lends itself to lots of options on social media with many more events taking place than those we’ve listed (six nations is a big one for those who enjoy rugby!) but the above are our pick of what’s worth incorporating into your marketing or social media this month IF it’s appropriate to your business.

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