So, another new month is upon us and with that it finally seems as though summer has arrived. Although we have a bank holiday coming right up with another at the end of the month, we’ve come up with some other days of note that might be worth including in your social media this month.

Password Day – 2nd May; those combinations of letters, numbers and special characters which at times drive us mad are an essential part of everyday life now and World Password Day came about as a reminder to be cautious where we share ours. You can read more and find out some handy hints at https://www.passwordday.org/ and if you’re wondering how it might be used in your marketing, you could quite simply remind your customers that it’s a good idea to update the passwords on a regular basis.

International Tuba Day – 3rd May; not for everybody but if you’re anyway musically inclined, offer entertainment as part of your work or perhaps are in need of a new hobby (if you’ve got forgiving neighbours!), this day was designated International Tuba Day back in 1979 as it was felt that the instrument and those who enjoy it don’t always get the acknowledgement they deserve.

Star Wars Day – 4th May; Whether you’re a fan of the sci-fi films or not you’ll undoubtedly come across more than a few memes online over the 4th May. A spin on the ‘May the force be with you’, May the 4th is a day that fans across the world commemorate these legendary movies in some way. and if you’re a fan why not give it a mention in your social media, sometimes it’s the quirky personal insights you don’t expect that make you memorable!

World Donkey Day – 8th May; often undervalued and overworked, donkeys have been alongside humans it’s thought for thousands of years. It’s not something most of us can encompass into our marketing efforts but perhaps think of a charitable cause that might be deserving of a shout-out such as The Donkey Sanctuary in Cork, Ireland. If you work with children in an area like childcare, why not give these adorable animals a special mention on this day too.

World Cocktail Day – 13th May; there’s a knack to getting the right mix of drinks together to make the perfect cocktail which is why so many of us rely on a trusty barman/woman to take care of these special drinks for us. As we head into warmer days there’s definitely a case for alcohol-free options too, lighter mixes that work for all the family so if you’re in the hospitality sector why not come up with something new for all ages? Or you could perhaps run a cocktail class, along with a meal it certainly makes for a really nice night out.

World Baking Day – 17th May; one for those who cook in the course of their work or quite simply feel like treating their family, friends or if they’re feeling generous maybe even colleagues too. World Baking Day is a great excuse to offer your customers a new dish for the day (and videos for your social media could be quite the hit!) or quite simply get busy in the kitchen, always a great way to spend a little time.

International Virtual Assistants Day – 17th May; yes it’s the second day we’re noting for the 17th but one we couldn’t ignore. The virtual assistance sector is growing worldwide because it’s a super way of getting great quality work as and when you need it without a permanent addition to your bottom line. You can find a virtual assistant in just about every niche so don’t get bogged down with work that takes up too much of your valuable time, look into the benefits of speaking to somebody who can do anything from taking care of your invoices or social media to managing your emails and appointments and a whole lot more too.

World Bee Day – 20th May; there’s an increasing awareness that bees are in danger of becoming an endangered species despite their importance in our ecosystem – they, along with other pollinators such as butterflies, beetles or hummingbirds contribute to the growth of up to 75% of the world’s crops!!! The topic makes for an interesting nature lesson if you’re working in childcare or education. If your work is at a garden centre there’s also ample opportunity to incorporate the reasons we need to protect bees into your business. For others it might be as simple as picking up a pot of honey for personal use or if you’re in hospitality, as part of a recipe – from a sustainable source of course!

Hamburger Day – 28th May; whether it’s beef, chicken, pork, veggie or any other combination that whets your appetite, there’s little doubt that a hamburger is one of those foods that we all appreciate from time to time. Thought to originate in Hamburg, Germany (hence the name), isn’t this the ideal excuse to get out the barbecue and enjoy an al fresco evening with family or friends? Or if you’re in the food business, this is a nice opportunity to introduce something a little different to the menu too.

Web Designer Day – 31st May; yeah this may be a US holiday but we think it deserves a shout-out worldwide as without the amazing work those who work online do across the world you wouldn’t be reading this, marketing your business so effectively, learning a subject without needing to go to college or enjoying the simplicity of booking a holiday without needing to leave your home. A vibrant and interesting world, one that will continue to grow so if nothing else take time to appreciate the wonderful work of your web designer 😉

So, that’s our round-up of days you might like to mark if you’re stuck for ideas this month and if you do create some updates around these topics feel free to pop over to us on our Facebook page to share them too!

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