Brighter evenings, warmer days and businesses starting to re-open – finally it’s feeling just a little like summer! And, as is always the case the beginning of a new month means a post from us with dates that are coming up in the month ahead.

Our pick of dates for May 2021 that might be useful themes for your social media are as follows;

Bank Holiday Monday – 3rd May; quite unlikely that any of us in Ireland or the UK where this is a public holiday have missed this one but with people out and about a little more, if you’re one of the businesses that are open either offline or online something as simple as acknowledging that this is a day off is a handy post – or a bank holiday special if you’re in a position to do a promotion.

Star Wars Day – 4th May; this is one for real fans who appreciate what ‘may the 4th’ is all about. Not an easy one to incorporate into marketing for most but on a personal level worth having a look at #StarWarsDay online, always seems to be a popular theme this time every year.

World Maths Day – 5th May; love it or hate it maths is part of all our lives in some form even if for many it’s via the calculator on our phone mostly. This is one of those days that might suit a business working with schools such as those in the education sector, a simple quiz or a few puzzles with a prize for a winner is quick and cost-effective to implement and might pleasantly surprise you with the results too.

International Nurses Day – 12th May; the last year has taught us all more than ever before what these amazing people do across the world. Depending on your sector you might instinctively come up with something appropriate for you, a shout-out to any sort of local nurses charity with a thank you also goes a long way too.

Password Day – 6th May; lots of us are guilty of using the same password across multiple sites, what then if one gets hacked and they all need an update? It’s always a surprise to learn the type of passwords people have that are quite easy to guess (pets or kid’s names, even 12345!!). If your business is around IT or admin a very simple reminder to update all your passwords or tips for handy apps to manage them for you is a simple post that may save somebody a headache in the future.

Lost Sock Memorial Day – 9th May; this one caught our attention as who hasn’t at some point put several pairs of socks into a washing machine only to be left with a couple of odd ones? Not exactly a serious theme but it could amount to quite a humourous social media competition and we all need a little silliness at times.

Limerick Day – 12th May; the rhymes not the county (although apparently the name originated there), this can be easily incorporated into all sorts of social media promotions by simply asking your audience to write a limerick i.e. a usually humourous or silly 5 line rhyme with the first, second and fifth line rhyming and the third and fourth also rhyming. Personally many years ago a limerick (which I don’t recall) won me a hamper of pasta, this really is one that can be used by all sorts of businesses to generate engagement.

World Facilities Management Day – 12th May; until 2020 we all knew how a well-managed car park or washroom was important for both customers and employees but once the pandemic hit those working in this area suddenly found themselves with an unprecedented list of requirements such as social distancing, hand sanitisers, and businesses being forced to close. This day was created to celebrate the millions of people across the world who do the jobs that allow us all to visit our favourite hotels or shopping malls where they ensure everything is in order for each and every person who avails of their facilities. There’s a # for it if you want to get involved

Top Gun Day – 13th May; one for movie buffs or even music fans, it’s a classic movie now (1986!!) and while very few of us can make a direct connection with fighter pilots in the course of our work it’s one for a piece of random trivia – or if you’re all done with box sets and not yet back to work it’s one of those movies you can watch and enjoy many, many times.

World Cocktail Day – 13th May; another day of note and while here in Ireland it’s not yet business as normal for the hospitality sector yet but whether you’re open for takeaway or getting set for a re-opening date in the not too distant future there’s an opportunity to mark this date. It’s also something easily marked by anybody involved in catering or teaching others to cook and of course retail too (responsibly!).

Waiters Day – 16th May; here in Ireland hospitality won’t be fully re-opened in time for this so this is one that for those in hospitality you might celebrate a little later as waiters are worthy of quite a bit of celebrating after the year they’ve been through. If you supply to or work within the industry there’s plenty of room to mark it and given that we’re all really looking forward to dining out again you will have very strong customer support too.

Work From Home Day – 17th May; after the year we’ve had many won’t ever want to work from home again, others yet again have embraced it and this year it happens to fall on the day that many employees finally get to go back to work in areas such as retail. If your team is home-based give them a shout-out on this day, mark it in some way and thank them for keeping everybody on track through the highs and lows – and for some home-schooling, pets, or spouses sharing a kitchen table!

Museum Day – 18th May; museums and galleries get to re-open here in Ireland on 10th May, why not visit one that you’ve never been to before to mark this day or even watch out for anything that’s happening locally – every business wants and deserves support as they get up and running and something as simple as highlighting a nearby museum might open up a new idea to your customers and bring the museum some badly needed custom.

World Bee Day – 20th May; these little creatures get a lot of coverage in the quest to protect them and while bee-keeping isn’t something you can simply turn to in order to support the breed, this is a day that anybody who is interested in areas around environmental issues or even gardening can use in their social media. The # for the day is #BeeDay and you can find ideas on how to mark the day or even information that you might like to read up on in order to understand just why they’re so important to all of us at https://www.worldbeeday.org/en/

Virtual Assistants Day – 21st May; in the past year a lot of people experienced how exactly it is to work remotely or with a virtual assistant or ream for the first time. This is a day to celebrate those people who keep your business going behind the scenes, maybe give them a shout-out in a behind-the-scenes peek at your business, or if you’re working in the sector use it to highlight just what’s so amazing about those of us who work virtually behind the scenes for all sorts of businesses.

Sunscreen Day – 27th May; a timely reminder of hopefully sunnier times, watch out for campaigns from all the local charities in this area during the month of May because while none of us really want to believe the damage that sun can do, those few sunburn sessions as a teen can catch up with you before you know it. Retailers who sell sunscreen, those working in areas around skincare, holiday companies, or even simply those who have an interest in this area can do something as simple as share a message on what to watch out for or remind you to slap on the sunscreen – many a problem was caught early by something helpful that was apparently randomly shared on an occasion like this.

Web Designers Day – 31st May; now THIS is one we like, across the world there are so many people working behind the scenes getting businesses up and running on their first website, ensuring that your favourite clothes or shoes can be purchased 24/7 or as has happened more so than ever this past year, teaching people all manner of skills – or home-schooling! I take care of Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design as all are closely related so I will be giving myself and all the other wonderful web designers I know a shout-out on this occasion 🙂 And, on the subject, here’s a little of my work at this link, and if you’re in the market for some web design work or thinking about a LEO Trading Online Voucher (for Irish SMEs) feel free to get in touch to arrange a consultation – first shout out to mark this date 😉

So this is our list of themes to think about during the month of May 2021 when it comes to your social media, save you the bother of sitting facing a blank screen.

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