Every month we list a number of key dates for those times you’re a little short on inspiration for your content in your social media and this is our latest post for the month of November 2019.

Rugby World Cup Final – 2nd November; yes it’s disappointing Ireland didn’t go the distance but there’s a great game ahead and if your typical fans like their sport it might just be appropriate to mention it.

World Kindness Day – 13th November; this day can be marked very simply with something like a donation or contribution to a community cause, in your business you might come up with something that works for your customers and encourages them to get involved too.

World Day Of Remembrance For Road Traffic Victims – 17th November; a sombre but important date for many, for businesses with an interest in safety, insurance, cars or even those with a personal interest it’s one that’s worthy of a mention if appropriate as in the winter months particularly in the build-up to Christmas our roads will be busy. The Road Safety Authority have a campaign around this date, read more over on their website.

Ireland v Denmark – 18th November; a big game for Ireland with their chances of the upcoming European Championships resting on the result. If it’s simply a message of support or you decide to show the game in your premises it makes for a nice change from all things Christmas this month.

International Men’s Day – 19th November; established in 1999 it’s a day that’s becoming more well-known and is designed to highlight men’s experiences in the world of today.

World Hello Day – 21st November; initially it came about in the 70s as a means of encouraging people to be a little more open it may not be a particularly well-known date in this part of the world but wouldn’t it serve us all well if people just made a little extra effort to smile or say hello to somebody for this one day? We’ve got more ways to stay in touch than ever before yet loneliness is a big issue today, mention it in your business or even use it in your personal life.

A month to Christmas – 25th November; not that it’s an official date but it’s a countdown worth noting, a reminder to your customers that they should be shopping!

Black Friday – 29th November; peak pre-Christmas shopping time, now’s the time to get your offers lined up as promotion of the various specials and events over that weekend are already well underway.

The Late Late Toy Show – 29th November; an especially Irish event, everybody who grew up in Ireland in recent decades will know about this big TV event beloved by children and adults alike. It’s a night to snuggle up on the sofa and get into the swing of all things Christmas as all of this year’s hottest toys are showcased while parents everywhere panic as Santa’s list is updated!!!

Movember – last but not least we’re going to mention the Movember movement which takes place for the month of November. A campaign dedicated to men’s health issues, participation involves growing us a moustache whilst fund-raising as you do it. Read more on the official Movember website.

We know that during November if your business is busy over the festive period Christmas will be very prominent in your marketing and social media at this time but it is nice to take a day or two out to mention what else is happening in the world around us, time out from sales too.

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