A very different October is upon us, darker evenings and cooler days but with many of us living and working quite differently to how we would have in Octobers gone by.

As social media has become an increasingly important part of our lives this year in business, our latest post will cover some of the topics that you might like to include in your updates for those days when you’re a little short on inspiration. And, if you prefer video scroll down as there’s a video option included too.

International Coffee Day – 1st October; whatever your favourite, coffee is something most of enjoy right across the world. This year with so many of us working from home the little coffee shops that always made the perfect latte won’t be doing the same level of trade so perhaps as individuals one thing we can do is support that local cafe, pop out for a coffee – every little thing we all do works for our community. On your social media it’s a simple idea for a post or to encourage comments, I’ve even seen one business totally unrelated to the hospitality sector give away coffee on them recently with a series of vouchers.

World Smile Day – 2nd October; a smiling face can make a big difference to your day, can also make for a nice competition on your social media too if you think about a way of bringing it into your business? You can also share a photo of your smiling staff, many of them having done super work this past year over and above what they’d normally need to as a thank you to your team.

Techies Day – 3rd October; right now we’re probably all a little more tech-savvy than we were last year, technology has really become critically important in how we live and work. The endless possibilities it brings though wouldn’t be possible without our favourite techies whether it’s at work or home, maybe give them a shout-out today as a thank you. Or if you’re feeling creative use this day to share a little tech know-how with your team too, an opportunity that might not normally fit in with the content you create.

Vodka Day – 4th October; one for the hospitality trade if you’re in a position to mark it, introduce a new cocktail or run a competition for somebody to come up with one that they can enjoy with a meal on their next visit.

World Teachers Day – 5th October; one thing that 2020 will be remembered for amongst many of us is that it was a year parents got to play teacher, home-schooling for most was quite an experience!! Teachers work in very different circumstances to how they ever expected, a simple thank you can go a long way or maybe even a shout-out from a community organisation because when many of us were faced with 6th class Maths or 3rd year Geography for the first time in decades it really helped us appreciate the role teachers play in all of our lives – once we got over the shock and realised Google is really a life saver at times!!

World Mental Health Day – 10th October; at the best of times the mental health of everybody around us can be surprisingly more delicate than anybody ever knows. The theme this year is ‘Mental Health for All – Greater Investment – Greater Access. Everyone, everywhere.‘ Details of how you can support it can be found at https://wfmh.global/world-mental-health-day-2020/ and locally here in Ireland https://www.mentalhealthireland.ie/world-mental-health-day_2020/ and whether it’s through our business profiles or our personal presence, if we share something, pick up the phone to check on somebody you haven’t spoken to for a while or even have a simple conversation with a stranger you encounter, you could be making a difference you’re not even aware of.

Own Business Day – 13th October; this is one we hadn’t heard of before but as a small business owner are delighted to see there’s a day dedicated to those who decide to take on the exciting but at times precarious job of becoming self-employed. There’s a website dedicated to the day at https://www.own-business-day.com/ and perhaps for this one day give yourself a shout-out, or give the boss who is that business owner who took the risk a shout-out too!

Global Handwashing Day – 15th October; we included this last year and this year as it’s more important than ever to be mindful of hand hygiene it’s something that might not be for social media sharing for everybody but may serve as a reminder within every business and household that we need to be mindful of washing and drying hands properly as individuals and within businesses to ensure that facilities are updated with sanitiser dispensers or hand dryers so that we can all do our bit. The official site for this awareness day is https://globalhandwashing.org/topic/global-handwashing-day/ and from this site you can download images that can be used in your social media, fact sheets and lots of other information too.

World Students Day – 15th October; one of the many groups who have had a very challenging year are students, in theory every one of us at some point thought we’d simply love a few months off school or college but when the reality hit for students it meant adapting to a whole new world, finding their way through exams or maybe getting set for their first foray into the world of work or college all while dealing with restrictions that have prevented them letting off steam with a simple night out. Depending on your business there may be an appropriate way to mention the day or maybe just let the student in your life know you’re proud of how they’re coping in a world that’s new even to us.

Bank Holiday Monday – 26th October; many of us have these dates marked in the calendar at the start of the year, the last proper break before we head straight into the festive season usually once the last traces of Halloween have been removed from the stores. If you’re open over the bank holiday make sure to give people plenty of notice, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of any opportunity to make a sale and although we’ll all be social-distancing for a while yet there may be more people available on that day who are only to happy to avail of your products or services.

Internet Day – 29th October; celebrated as it marks the day two computers first made contact all the way back in 1969 at the computer science department of UCLA. We take it for granted now, for many there has never been a life without it and it’s one of those inventions we can’t imagine being without those days. It’s enabled us to live a very different life to those before us for work, home and leisure and for business it has transformed industries and in fact created many new industries and jobs too. We’re not recommending anything specific for Internet Day in your business, your website should get a mention regularly in your social media anyway. However, if you’re somebody who enjoys facts you might be interested in learning about how the internet came about over on the Wikepedia page of the person considered to be the father of the interet, Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider – and no I did’t know that name either without the help of Google!

Halloween – 31st October; normally this is a huge occasion for us here in Ireland, this year will be quite different with celebrations or games taking place in private homes over entertainment venues and trick or treating looking quite unlikely too. However, we do all need something that feels a little more normal in our lives so skeletons, pumpkins, costumes, specials and newsletters or whatever is practical will be really welcome if you’re at a location such as a shiop and of course make sure to wish people a Happy Halloween!

So, that’s our round-up of themes that you might like to use in your social media during October 2020 in between the more important posts centred around your business.

If you’d like a little assistance in implementing a campaign for Halloween, or indeed any other time of year get in touch with Debbie at 087-2785818 or pop an email to debbie@themarketingshop.ie for all things Marketing and Social Media.

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