Different times of year call for different types of social media posts, taking into account the highs and lows of your own business and of course events in the world around us.

Sometimes though you can sit at a blank screen as you try to come up with something to share that day that’s a little different to everything else that’s been shared already this week or month.

So in this, exactly two years after we first started this series of updates on this theme we’re sharing with you suggested dates that you might like to incorporate into your Social Media this September.

So, for September this year if you’re based in Ireland these are the dates or themes you might like to include in your social media;

  1. Back to school – it’s a little different to the norm and while some have already ventured back for induction days or to get started on lessons, by the 1st the last of primary and secondary schools will back to class with colleges to follow a few weeks later.
  2. World Beard Day – 5th September. Yeah there really is a day for everything and this is a day that just might suit some businesses (barbers, salons, fashion in particular), celebrated on the first Saturday of September there’s even a dedicated website which you can view at https://worldbeardday.com/
  3. Star Trek Day – 8th September, not that fans will need a reminder but if it fits give it a shout-out.
  4. Patriot Day or 9/11 – 11th September, a nod to a day we’ll never forget but ONLY if it works well for your business and please don’t use it a means to try sell, this is about remembering the fallen and nothing more.
  5. Roald Dahl Day – 13th September celebrates the wonderful works of this amazing children’s author.
  6. Batman Day – 15th September, one that’s new to us but this date marks the anniversary of the caped crusader’s first appearance way back in 1939.
  7. Greenpeace Day – 15th September is a day to pay tribute to the wonderful work this group have undertaken since their foundation in 1971.
  8. World Gratitude Day – 21st September, there’s always something to be grateful for so why not take some time out to think about what’s good in your life today, something that many of us haven’t done nearly enough in the strange year that 2020 has become.
  9. World Car Free Day – 22nd September, whilst many of us are working remotely if you have to travel on this day why not try travelling without the car?
  10. Christmas – 25th September, yes we know it falls in December but as it’ll be three months to the day on the 25th it’s appropriate for some businesses to mention it publicly and for many businesses it’s time to ensure there’s a plan in place for marketing or time to start thinking about it. In line with what’s happened around us this year more people will shop online this Christmas than ever before, make sure to get organised early to capture your share of that market now.
  11. World Tourism Day – 27th September, every industry has been affected by the pandemic we’re living through but on an international scale tourism has been affected more than most with airlines grounded, borders closed and people unable to travel to local tourist resorts or attractions due to restrictions that placed whole countries in lockdown for a period. On a local scale if you can assist with a local attraction, book a hotel break or even give somebody who deserves in this sector a shout-out it’s a small contribution towards what’s destined to be a long road to recovery for the sector. You can also read more at www.un.org/en/observances/tourism-day
  12. World Heart Day – 29th September, an international day to spread awareness on heart disease and strokes.  Even if all you do is share a post from an appropriate source you’re doing your bit for all of us. You can also learn more on this issue and pick up some tips at www.world-heart-federation.org/world-heart-day/
  13. Halloween – it may be a month away but as the season has grown the first of the ghosts and ghouls will be making an appearance in early October and this year perhaps more than many it’s something people will want to mark in some way, not least because for those of us here in Ireland it’s a bank holiday weekend too.

These are just some suggestions, your business and industry together with anything that is topical will always be a priority but these posts are designed to help you fill in the gaps on days you sit at the computer and struggle to find something right.

And finally for today, if you struggle with time for your social media or indeed any element of your marketing feel free to get in touch with us here at The Marketing Shop – Debbie is at 087-2785818 or debbie@themarketingshop.ie

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