A new year has arrived and with it a whole lot of new year’s resolutions, plans and opportunities for change – and if you’re in business growth too.

In keeping with our series of posts on alternatives for your social media content, this is our post for January 2019 to help you fill in any gaps you might have.

  1.  1st January – New Year’s Day is the obvious one but did you know it’s also ‘Hot Toddy Day’ and ‘Bloody Mary Day’ too?  In keeping with festive celebrations we think, ideal if you’re not back to work tomorrow!
  2. 3rd January – Festival Of Sleep Day; recovery perhaps if you’ve been enjoying an extended Christmas break 🙂
  3. 5th January – Spaghetti Day; one to note if you’re in hospitality or food retail as we’re probably all quite ready for a change from the rich foods normally associated with Christmas and New Year.
  4. 7th January – Old Rock Day; not as you might think a celebration of all things rock music related but an actual day to mark simple grey rocks. Not of interest to everybody but if you were perhaps in landscaping, garden design or a garden centre it’s a day you could work with given that spring is just around the corner.
  5. 10th January – Peculiar People Day; an interesting idea and not one we’d heard of before researching this post but quite like the idea of a day to celebrate people who have learned to embrace their individuality.
  6. 13th January – Make Your Dream Come True Day; one that perhaps ties in with new year’s resolutions, many of which may have been case aside by now. Why not sit down and plan how you can achieve that dream rather than just think about it?  Or for your customers, think about how they might do what they dream of with your help?
  7. 14th January – Organise Your Home Day; the start of the spring cleaning and home improvements regularly associated with the period at the early part of the year.  Lots of opportunities to work with on this one if you’re in retail.
  8. 16th January – International Hot & Spicy Food Day; why not experiment with a new style of food – or if your business is a restaurant or food retailer, an opportunity for your customers to taste flavours new.
  9. 18th January – Thesaurus Day; those wonderfully helpful little books which more frequently are found online these days have helped many a copywriter or student over the years. Expanding our vocabulary is good for all of us and if you were working in anything to do with books or education there are opportunities around this day for you.
  10. 19th January – Popcorn Day; ever popular with all ages, popcorn is one of those staples that we associate with trips to the cinema or family nights in front of the tv so if you wanted to increase engagement on a social media page today, a family ticket with goodies might be a nice giveaway??
  11. 21st January – Blue Monday; traditionally considered the low point of the year there are opportunities to work with this on your social media and perhaps it’s as simple as aiming to put a smile on the face of your customers.
  12. 25th January – Irish Coffee Day; one we’re quite on board with, another opportunity for those in hospitality who are frequently quiet at this time of year to come up with a gesture that might just be good for business.
  13. 26th January – Australia Day; if you’ve got customers, employees or other connections with Australia today’s a day you should mark in an appropriate fashion.
  14. 27th January – Chocolate Cake Day; yes we know it’s traditionally a time for healthy living but who doesn’t deserve a treat?
  15. 29th January – Puzzle Day; we may well be far more likely to enjoy games online or via devices these days but there’s something special about sitting down to enjoy a traditional puzzle – even if it does end up in a family spat! For social media we could see giveaways or quizzes based around this day, think about it might fit you.

So there’s a round-up of ideas you might like to think about for your social media this January, in addition of course to those you might normally expect such as new year, resolutions, making changes, sales, product or services launches or anything else that would ordinarily work in your business at the start of a year.

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