We started to run these posts in September 2018 as we know there’s always a challenge in coming up with topics to discuss online when you don’t want to talk about your business or what you have to sell.

Kicking off year two we’ve got our pick of topics that might be suited to your social media this month.

  • Back To School; early September – it’s appropriate for the first week or so of this month to refer to the fact Ireland gets back to business properly when the schools and colleges are back to normal. Whatever your industry sector you’ll most likely find something appropriate to your business, if you don’t see a connection a light hearted meme can work just as well too.
  • Guinness Summer Series – Ireland V Wales; 7th September – always an interesting game, if rugby is for you or your audience why not give it a mention as this series gets underway in September.
  • International Day Of Charity; 5th September – designated this day by United Nations back in 2012 to recognise the work that charities right across the globe do this is one that you might mark by giving a shout-out to a cause close to your company or to you personally. This date was selected as it happens to be the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta who in her lifetime did wonderful work.
  • Star Trek Day; 8th September – yes this sci-fi series gets its own day where enthusiasts across the world will celebrate in their own unique way.
  • All-Ireland Final; 14th September – yes, they get a second chance and when Dublin take on Kerry again you might like to refer to it, wish your team of choice good luck, run a poll or if you’re generous even think about a related giveway – if of course it’s relevant to your business.
  • World Gratitude Day; 21st September – there’s always something to be grateful for even during difficult times and today’s a day to remind us of this. We can think of a few ideas of how this might work well within social media too.
  • World Car-Free Day; 22nd September – for many of us it’s a staple of everyday life for work or personal use but if you can contribute in any way to cutting down on the driving even for just this one day, or you have a means of marking it in your business this is the day you do it.
  • One-Hit Wonder Day; 25th September – we’re all familiar with those amazing songs that captured our hearts and then we never heard another thing from the artist ever again. Today’s a day you might work a humourous or related one-hit wonder into your marketing, a light-hearted post that’s a little different too.
  • Tourism Day; 27th September – established by The United Nations World Tourism Organisation, this day celebrates everything that’s wonderful about tourism for us as a nation and for each of us as an individual too. One to note if you’re in a travel or leisure-related business, one to be aware of if you’ve got clients in the sector or happen to be located in or near a major tourist location.
  • World Heart Day; 29th September – the World Heart Federation designated this day as a reminder to all of us that we can do a lot as individuals to minimise our risk of conditions related to the heart. If you’re in the wellness or fitness sector there are numerous opportunities available to work with this theme, for those in another sectors keep a close eye on anything you believe is relevant as it’s something that every audience will appreciate if you provide useful information as opposed to something designed to make a sale.

As always with social media, having a guideline in place for what you want to discuss and what’s appropriate to discuss will always make life easier for you when it comes to sitting down at a blank screen. However, don’t simply run with something that’s topical for the sake of it, trying to be relevant just for the sake of it can sometimes work against you.

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