Now that Halloween is behind us, the main focus for many businesses right now is Christmas and the year 2019 which will be with us before we know it.

For some businesses however this won’t be a peak time as some industries tend to be a little quieter over the holiday season and for those in particular it might just be handy to take a look at some of the dates coming up this month that could help you fill that content calendar for the month ahead.

  1. Men Make Dinner Day – 1st November; yes, seriously!  Apparently the first Thursday of November has been designated as day for men who perhaps don’t ordinarily cook at home to take over in the kitchen for the day.  The day has been in existence for many years now and to ensure it’s taken care of properly, you can even read up on the rules at https://www.menmakedinnerday.com/rules/index.php
  2. Housewife’s Day – 3rd November; maybe there’s a pattern here or maybe it’s preparation for the busy weeks ahead but this day is one for all of those who work full time in the home who don’t always get full credit for the job they do!
  3. Stress Awareness Day – 7th November; part of everyday life for people of all ages and walks of life, try to take some time out today to look at how you manage stress and if appropriate for your business maybe you’ve got some suggestions for your customers to be shared on social media?
  4. Cappuccino Day – 8th November; the original cappuccino is considered to date back as far as 1653 and is named after a Capuchin Friar who was amongst a group who looked out for the poor in the 16th century.  The original cappuccino wasn’t quite as sweet as we know it and the version we’re familiar with is thought to date back to Italy in 1930 with their popularity growing after World War II when luxuries such as coffee became more readily available.
  5. Sesame Street Day – 10th November; who among us hasn’t heard of these wonderful characters either by watching it ourselves or with children over the years?!  The first celebration of this wonderful children’s programme was in 2009 to mark the 40th anniversary, this year would make it 49 years of Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie and lots more great characters too.
  6.  Tongue Twister Day – 11th November; we all remember them, those rhymes with words designed to trip us up as we learned language skills in our earlier years.
  7. World Kindness Day – 13th November; in an ideal world we’d see kindness every day but as that isn’t the case today’s a day that has been designated to kindness specifically in order to make us think a little more about how we interact with those around us. If we all did just one kind thing today, a gesture no matter how small we’d make a difference in somebody’s day?
  8.  World Diabetes Day – 14th November; a condition which continues to increase amongst the population year on year, this day was first marked in 1991 when the World Health Organisation and the International Diabetes Federation launched campaigns to raise awareness of the lifestyle changes we can make to minimise our individual risk. Today might be of particular interest to businesses in both the food or hospitality sectors or indeed healthcare.
  9. International Men’s Day – 19th November; this came about in 1999 and although it regularly gets a mention on social media it’s not celebrated in the same way as other celebrations such as those which focus on women.  If men are your target customers think about something special to mark today, separately to work make sure to think about those important men in your life who deserve their special day too.
  10. Universal Children’s Day – 20th November; created by the United Nations in 1954, this is a day to celebrate all that’s wonderful about being a child.
  11. Thanksgiving – 22nd November; an American holiday which is marked throughout the world by those who have an affiliation of some sort with the USA.  It’s great to mark national holidays but remember, unless it’s appropriate for your audience as a business it can sometimes be best to hold back rather than try create a link!
  12. Black Friday – 23rd November; with its origins in the USA and falling the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is now essentially a worldwide event where retailers make the very best of those looking to secure a bargain in the run up to Christmas.  At the time of writing this post (30th October) details of a number of Black Friday offers are already appearing online as the stores attempt to whet our appetite in time for some serious shopping sprees!
  13.  Cyber Monday – 26th November; coming up just days after Black Friday this is the day when traditionally you can pick up super bargains online.  In the new year we’re going to share some posts on ecommerce specifically as Irish retailers aren’t doing all they could to pick up those shopping for value online, if you’re interested in competing for these sales just yet perhaps use it as an opportunity to study the competition.
  14. Electronic Greetings Day – 29th November; thought to originate in the days when we all used to get excited by an e-card for the novelty it was in the days before social media greetings became the norm, this day still exists.  Although we tend to send messages much more freely now why not mark this day by sorting out your business messages for the holiday period or contacting those you might not have been in touch with lately before the Christmas holidays get underway properly from early December.
  15. Stay Home Because You’re Well Day – 30th November; not one we’d heard of before we researched this post but one we could quite happily get behind 🙂  The idea of this day which was devised by a company called Wellcat Holidays in the US is to celebrate taking time out to do whatever you want without feeling pressure to go out or do anything. It’s a American event but a novelty day that we can imagine would be very welcome anywhere in the world, just not so sure bosses of the world would be quite so happy!!

So that’s this month’s round-up of dates you might be glad to know about when it comes to coming up with ideas for your social media in November.

The next edition in this series will be available 1st December and in the meantime please feel free to contact Debbie at debbie@themarketingshop.ie or 0872785818 if you’re in need of assistance in coming up with ideas to help you make an impact online.

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