All businesses want to reach more potential customers through social media by using it for sales, sharing information or even just customer service.  And, tempting as it is to tell everybody just how brilliant your products and services are if you do this to consistently people do tend to switch off – after all who likes somebody who tells you all about them only all the time?

So, from September 2018 we’ll be sharing a post on the 1st of each month with a couple of ideas you can include in your social media based on what’s happening in the world.  Having a list of what’s coming up we know works well as you can plan your graphics, research your content, come up with new offers or even just make sure to give an event a shout-out.

One thing we will say however is, make sure that any event or special occasion you refer to must relate in some way to your brand so give yourself a little time to think or ask for a second opinion if you feel more comfortable that way.

So, for September this year if you’re based in Ireland these are the dates or themes you might like to include in your social media;

  1. Back to school – yes most are back but there’s still a little mileage the first week or so!  And there’s still college starts to come too.
  2. World Beard Day – 1st September. Yeah there really is a day for everything and this might be worth a mention if your customers are in the beauty or fashion industries.
  3. Cheese Pizza Day – 5th September, one for foodies or just lovers of this always popular snack.
  4. Star Trek Day – 8th September, not that fans will need a reminder but if it fits give it a shout-out.
  5. Patriot Day or 9/11 – 11th September, a nod to a day we’ll never forget but ONLY if it works well for your business and please don’t use it a means to try sell, this is about remembering the fallen and nothing more.
  6. Roald Dahl Day – 13th September celebrates the wonderful works of this amazing children’s author.
  7. Exam results – mid-September, date not yet published at time of this post.
  8. Greenpeace Day – 15th September is a day to think of the wonderful work this group have undertaken since their foundation in 1971.
  9. Locate An Old Friend Day – 17th September. Yes we’ve all done this through social media but if there’s one you haven’t connected with yet why not pop it in the diary to check it out today?
  10. World Gratitude Day – 21st September, there’s always something to be grateful for so why not take some time out to think about what’s good in your life today.
  11. World Car Free Day – 22nd September, if you can leave the car home for a day why not?
  12. Christmas – 25th September may be three months to the big day but if you’re in retail or hospitality your plans are in place by now and there’s no harm getting a mention in, just hold off on the Christmas music for a while yet 🙂
  13. Love Note Day – 26th September, remind somebody you care the old fashioned way.
  14. World Heart Day – 29th September, an international day to spread awareness on heart disease and strokes.  Even if all you do is share a post from an appropriate source you’re doing your bit for all of us.
  15. Halloween – a month away it may be but if you’ve got appropriate offers you need to start talking about them now.


These are just some suggestions, your business and industry together with anything that is topical will always be a priority but these posts are designed to help you fill in the gaps on days you sit at the computer and struggle to find something right.

And finally for today, if you struggle with time for your social media or indeed any element of your marketing feel free to get in touch with us here at The Marketing Shop – Debbie is at 087-2785818 or debbie@themarketingshop.ie


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