SunSo far this week we’ve experienced rain, sun and hail and found our clothes alternating between winter coats and T-shirts – the joy of Irish summer!

If you’re lucky enough to have a trip to sunnier climates planned this year have you thought about what happens to your Social Media while you’re away?

We know that most of us will check in during our holidays, Dublin Airport check-ins feature regularly on my feed – not to mention updates from a range of sun-drenched beaches.  But do you really want to find a stream of unanswered queries on your twitter feed right before you tee-off in Portugal?

Unless you’re heading off on an exotic safari or somewhere quite remote, you’ll find that WIFI is readily available in many hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars – in some cases your chosen destination may offer it publicly.  And you can of course take up a roaming package with a mobile provider so that you’re in touch with your business when it suits you – always check out the charges first though!

Even if you don’t anticipate a deluge of comments or emails, do you really want to spend family time ensuring everything’s ok back home in Ireland?

Well, there are options;

  • Schedule some updates through Facebook or Twitter and log on to comment/answer if there’s any interaction
  • Prepare some blog posts, ready to automatically publish while you’re away – WordPress is fantastic for this
  • Inform your customers you are on annual leave – although this of course can have security implications, particularly if you post that you’re off to Spain and work from home!!
  • Engage a third party to take care of essentials while you’re away e.g. updating your social media, fulfilling any orders, ensuring that your website is working.

Having spoken to some business owners, particularly amongst new business owners in the SME sector I’ve come across many that are concerned that they’re “too busy” to take a holiday.  It’s wonderful to be busy but your downtime matters too – and you’ll reap the benefits as you return supercharged and ready to take on the world!

If you’d like The Marketing Shop to manage your Social Media while you’re away, please send a mail with your name and phone number to hello@themarketingshop.ie and we’ll call you back to look at some options to suit.

We’re also quite happy to chat to you about those other occasions when work or staff shortages leave you struggling with time to tweet!



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