Social Media For Small Business Training - The Marketing ShopOne of the many questions we’re asked here at The Marketing Shop is ‘what exactly is involved in social media management‘ and frequently this is followed up with a query relating to the cost involved as there is a perception that because subscribing to any of the major social media platforms does not incur a charge, that generally social media is “free”.

So, I thought it best to outline just some of the areas that we look after when it comes to social media…

  • Preparing a content calendar – based around your products or services which caters for specific events, new product launches, promotions and ultimately those likes or followers you’ve accumulated to date and those potential customers simply waiting to find you.
  • Sourcing appropriate content – we take into account what’s relevant to your target market, what’s topical in the news, what’s trending on the web if it’s suitable and whether it’s available for use.
  • Content creation – blog posts, youtube videos, infographics, images – all great content but when it’s part of the content for business it’s got to be created and we work with a combination of the information you supply, what’s available for use and we take into account how the end user or customer as well as the search engines such as google will interpret it.
  • Customer service – a social media manager will be logged into their social media account at all times of day and night and for those times we’re not we’ll have notifications set up so that as and when queries arise we deal with them in a timely manner.  Where we can’t address the specific query we ensure it arrives at your inbox when you’re next open for business with a response already sent to the client even if their query came in at 11pm while you’ve closed at 5pm.
  • Distribution – you’ve got a number of channels, we ensure the content is shared at the appropriate times of days and days of the week as social media is most definitely not Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.  We aim to get your content to your target market at a time that suits them.
  • Choosing the right platforms and tools – you can very easily lose hours tweeting away or posting humorous updates on Facebook and feel quite deflated when those efforts aren’t necessarily converting into sales.  We help you ensure that you’re using the right platforms to reach your target market and that if there are changes to the platforms or if the trends are veering towards a new alternative, that you’re positioned to move where the market is.
  • Advertising – most marketers and businesses are now keenly aware that on some networks and in particular on Facebook, that the days of posting something and it reaching your fans are over.  Organic or “free” reach is dropping all the time and recent reports would suggest that in the region of 6% view your updates – yes, that’s just 6 out of every 100 or 60 out of every 1,000 – not a lot of return for the effort is it?  But if you’re running ads which we create and monitor for you the reach jumps dramatically and those new potential customers have been selected from your target market too.
  • Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy – social media is wonderful but there are very few businesses who don’t need to avail of more traditional channels such as in-store events, publications, point of sale material, direct sales also?  We ensure that the the message we deliver through your social media channels is in sync with what’s happening elsewhere.
  • Monitoring your market – insights, analytics and engagement – just three of many terms you should think of when it comes to social media but often they’re areas overlooked by businesses who place their emphasis on the numbers.
  • Legislation – we ensure that you don’t risk your reputation and online presence by ensuring that your social media activities comply with copyright and data protection legislation, one misused image could in many cases close your business as the financial penalties are quite significant if you inadvertently use a photo that doesn’t belong to you on your website or in your social media.
  • Compliance – most people don’t look into the terms and conditions on their social media accounts too carefully when they sign up for an account but we do!  We also ensure that where significant changes are made to areas that are likely to affect you e.g. what’s permissible in a Facebook competition, that you don’t fall foul of any rule changes which could impact on your presence.
  • Competitors – we keep an eye on your marketplace and on what the competition is doing well or not so well, or whether there’s an idea worth borrowing or avoiding!
  • Promotions – we work with you to ensure that you have an ultimate objective in place when it comes to running a competition.  We don’t encourage you to run ‘like & share’ competitions which frequently do little more than spam your customers and their connections, we help you define your goal in running a promotion and if ultimately it’s to grow your email marketing database we do this through the use of applications that are cost-effective and reliable.
  • Advise on what else is relevant – some businesses have run for many years without a social media presence so we encourage you to think about what’s happening within the business and whether it’s relevant to your customers.  We may also spot areas around your website or your in-store branding that need to be adapted to highlight your online presence.
  • Our expertise – we’re marketers with many years experience across a number of industries both as employees and as contractors for our clients over the past three years.  We’ve come across everything from establishing and maintaining a presence to dealing with those difficult customers that have a preference for discussing their complaint across your facebook page.  We’ve worked in marketing and sales online and offline and have earned our stripes, we didn’t simply decide one day that social media is where it’s at – we’ve got the marketing and digital qualifications, we’ve got the experience and we continue to learn as it’s a vital part of our trade.  And we don’t just offer social media, we take care of everything in marketing so that if social media isn’t your best fit we can look at the alternatives for you too.

And that’s just a little of what we do when it comes to social media management, or if you like, a list of what you need to do if you’re taking care of social media in-house for your own business.

So, if you’ve been thinking up to now that social media is “free” – have a look at the above list and decide whether it’s something you can manage in-house or whether it’s worthwhile handing the task over to an agency like The Marketing Shop who can work to get you up and running, be available only as and when you need us or who can simply take over the entire task for you leaving you free to take care of the rest of your business.

If you’d like to find out more about the packages we offer call Debbie at 087-2785818 or email debbie@themarketingshop.ie and I’ll be happy to call you to discuss the options.


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