Social Media Spring Cleaning

Social Media Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air and those brighter days encourage us all to start de-cluttering the house and/or office, to get walking and start dreaming of those summer days not too far away.

In business we can easily accumulate a mass of admin or processes that get out of control easily and swallows up a little more of our time than we’d ever thought it would.

So in this post we’re going to look at some top tips for spring-cleaning your social media.

  1. Twitter – time to start unfollowing a lot of people.  TwitCleaner was our favourite tool to review those people you are following and decide who stays and who goes.  In March 2013 it ceased trading however and the replacement suggested so far is ManageFilter.com which I’ve yet to check out but comes with glowing reviews online.
  2. Facebook – we’ll all seen the reciprocal like schemes on facebook i.e. you like my page and I’ll like yours.  And we wonder why?  Yes it may well boost your numbers but that’s vanity, not business.  We think it’s worth reviewing those pages you’ve liked as you might just find (as we did) that you’re missing out on content you’d actually prefer amid the clamouring for exposure among all the businesses on the platform.
  3. Review – are you struggling to juggle Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus, YouTube and more?  Are they working for you or are you conscious that you’ve been told to be out there on every channel?  If they’re taking up too much of your time and not delivering the required results, drop them.  Not every page is a fit for Facebook surprisingly enough as even though there are now in excess of 1 billion members, there are industries for whom the platform is not a good fit.  Similarly if you’re stressed about getting the right YouTube video out to portray how wonderful your business is, if it’s not generating a reasonable number of views, maybe it’s time to abandon the channel?  By all means keep an eye on activity but if it’s not showing a return through your Google Analytics or in-store, close it for now and remove it from your website.
  4. Schedule – de-clutter your working day by allocating dedicated periods of time for checking your social media.  If you’re particularly active this can be hard but once you switch off the platform – and you do need to switch off to avoid notifications – you’ll be surprised at how much more productive your day will become as your social media slots into dedicated windows only.  Look at the option of scheduling updates too but please  don’t overdo this as nothing looks worse than a feed that is updated on a Sunday and rarely reviewed in the following days!
  5. Plan – we’ve said it over and over but what gets measured gets done, and removes a lot of stress from your day too.  Create a content calendar for your business, highlight those times during the year when certain topics are going to feature e.g. bank holidays, festivals, sale times, events.  Prepare what you can in quiet times e.g. source those St Patrick’s Day images in December if it’s busy in March.  This removes the panic associated with logging on to the web the day before an occasion like Valentines desperately trying to find the right image or a funny video to impress your fans.

If there’s anything you’d add to the list, please let us know in the comments below as we’re sure our other readers will value any advice on simplifying their social media this springtime too.



Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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