Our blog generally covers topics around Marketing and Social Media for business but occasionally we come across information that’s worth sharing which falls outside of these categories and today is one of those days.

Government supports are available for many industries but quite often amongst SMEs the issue here in Ireland appears to be in finding the information.  Up to April of this year one of the providers of this information would have been a Country Enterprise Board – one of four separate Enterprise Boards if you were based in Dublin.

However, in April 2014 these offices were replaced with Local Enterprise Offices – or LEO’s as they’ve become known.

One of the tools made available is a handy survey which asks you a little about your structure and then directs you to the relevant agencies.

You can find this tool at https://www.localenterprise.ie/smeonlinetool/businessdetails.aspx

Why not check it out, you might find that there are more options than you realised available to you?


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