Email Marketing The Marketing ShopEmail marketing has been with us since the 1990s so by comparison to the likes of Facebook or Twitter it’s quite long in the tooth and some might say it’s dated.

However, it’s never actually gone away and if anything in recent times we’re noticing quite a number of enquiries coming our way from businesses who are considering this as an option either for the first time or because they’d got distracted with social media which perhaps isn’t delivering the returns they’d anticipated.

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In the meantime here’s a couple of the benefits of email marketing for those of you not quite sure where it fits in with your business;

1. Relationships – your subscribers have opted in to this list by choice whether that was through your website, social media, a competition or via an in-store event or promotion.  They’re expecting to hear from you and based on your business they’ll know what to expect in whether that’s special offers, industry news or something more specific.  It’s an audience you can’t buy (well, technically you possibly can but shouldn’t – that’s another day’s post!) and if used effectively and nurtured will stay with you over the years as your business grows.

2. Sales – generally it’s easier to find a new sale from an existing or past customer or through referrals and what better way than an email newsletter to remind your customers what you’ve done for them in the past or what you can offer them now than to see your name arrive into their inbox?  Who among us after all hasn’t at some point clicked through on a newsletter and purchased or at the very least considered something as a result of a newsletter?

3. Branding – open rates vary by industry and if you’re using the right software for email marketing you’ll be able to track this, compare to previous newsletters and know what to expect with each send.  However, no matter how amazing your content or your offering you will never get 100% of your subscribers to open and read it – in many cases you’d get around 20% which is more than twice the percentage of readers you’ll reach through your social media channels! However, unlike social media if your user doesn’t look specifically look at the newsletter as it arrives they’ll still be reminded of you when they spot your name and subject line arrive into their inbox.

4. It’s cost effective – we’re all conscious of costs in business and particularly so when you’re a small business which might be a little more restricted on human resources too.  And this is where email marketing fits in particularly well with the marketing efforts of any business as if for example your email list totals less than 2,000 people you can avail of excellent software for FREE which means the only cost to you is your time!

5. It’s your list – no matter how sophisticated the social media platform or how finely tuned the analytics or insights, if the platform was to go out of business tomorrow all your fans, followers or likes are gone with it! With email marketing you’re building a list of people who know what you do and are interested in hearing from you that you can add to over time and the data is yours to use alone.

There are other benefits but in this post we’re just giving you a little something to consider if you’ve been wondering about email marketing.

And if you’d like to learn how to use it in your business, please get in touch with Debbie at 087-2785818 or debbie@themarketingshop.ie and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you.

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