We’ve had it a little over week now and while in the main the reports have been favourable, there have been a few bugs and issues raised over privacy.  It’s to be expected that any major change will have a few glitches so rather than dwell on the negatives, here are five things we like about the new Facebook Timeline:

The Facebook Timeline - Features We Like So Far At The Marketing Shop


1.    The layout – clear, easy to find your way around and we love the cover picture which over time is bound to produce   some very interesting profiles.

2.    Finding your old posts – well, some of them anyway!  Up to now once they moved down below the fold you’d not given that funny video or amusing banter a second thought but now you can find all sorts of gems and have a giggle all over again!

3.    The option to add a date and location to your photos – instead of just the date you uploaded them you can actually add the date the event actually occurred so that everything appears in a logical order.

4.    The new status updates – choose an optional category from Work & Education, Family & Relationships, Living, Health & Wellness or Milestones & Experiences.  You can then add or select an existing photo, tag people, add a location, date it, add a story and choose your audience before deciding if you’d like to feature it in your timeline.

5.    The Timeline itself – once you’ve started to manage your updates and photos, it’s actually quite nice to be able to move back and forward throughout the last few years.  You’re looking at The Story Of You and it’s amazing the memories it’s going to trigger for those who’ve yet to experience it.

We’ve seen all the complaints about the changes on Facebook over the past couple of weeks, but once you’ve changed over and played around with your profile for a bit even the Ticker that’s irritating so many people at the moment isn’t quite so bad.

There are challenges for businesses, but it’s still early days and most people haven’t made the changeover to Timeline yet so we’ll reserve judgement ourselves for now.  Although we do hope that pages will undergo at least some of the changes that profiles have.


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