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I have questions on Social Media Marketing, Training, Consultancy or Management

We’ve addressed queries that come up frequently in relation to Social Media Services at this link, if you’re looking at other services such as Marketing you might also like to check out this link out too.

These questions will be updated on an ongoing basis so that we can cover anything new that comes up too.

I have questions on Marketing Consultancy, Marketing Coaching, Outsourced Marketing or Marketing Strategy

You will find details on services we offer relating to Marketing at this link, you might also be interested in our Marketing Strategy programme which can be purchased here on our website.

I have questions on Content Creation - Website Content, Graphics, Email Marketing, Blog Posts

At The Marketing Shop we offer a range of Content Creation Services, you can read details of what’s on offer at this link and you might also be interested in taking a look at our porfolio which can be viewed here and which will be updated on an ongoing basis.

I have questions on Web Design - Brochure & Ecommerce Websites, Training, WordPress, WooCommerce

At The Marketing Shop we have designed a wide range of websites to date using our recommended platform of WordPress which up to February 2021 is now powering 40% of every website!  You can find out more about the options we offer in our web design section at this link  and we think a look at our portfolio is also a good idea which you can view here.

Do you run any sort of packages or special offers?

As our services tend to be designed around the client specifically we don’t offer a package price for everything.  We have however introduced just recently some programmes that can be purchased on our website and we will at intervals throughout 2021 be adding to this.

You can view the existing packages here on our website. – these cover Marketing Strategy and our very popular ‘The Marketing Shop Power Hour’.

As of March 2021 we’ve introduced a number of coaching programmes which enable you to have somebody work alongside you over a period of time.  View both of our new options; ‘Let’s Get Marketing – The Kick-Start Deal’ and ‘Let’s Get Marketing – Moving On Up’ here on our website where you can also make a booking too.

And, if you’d like to be among the first to know about what’s coming up we do recommend you subscribe to our newsletter at the link below.

The pricing

As many of the projects we undertake differ we can’t provide upfront costing here on our website for all services as we will require as a minimum a discovery call which you can book here.

In some instances we may require that you complete an intake form, in other situations we may need to arrange a more formal meeting if for example there are to be several members of the team involved in order to get a more accurate idea of what’s involved.

Where you purchase a package here on our website your payment will be required on the day and will be processed safely through Stripe, if you would like further details on what’s processed in such an instance please see the privacy policy at the footer of this and every page of the website.

If you are engaging us over a period of time or on specific projects invoices will be issued to you around agreed payment terms depending on whether it’s ongoing management or in the case of a website staged payments.  We will provide all of this information to you with your proposal document.


I have a different question that's not covered...

Our work and clients are so varied that new questions will come up all the time, if you’ve got something specific you’d like us to address please feel free to pop an email to debbie@themarketingshop.ie and we’ll come back to you by the next working day.

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