readygirls_logo_websiteThis Friday, 23rd August 2013 sees the very first Ready Girls Cyber-Bullying Forum take place on the facebook page of Ready Girls – www.facebook.com/readygirls from 8.30-9.30pm.

Social media when used responsibly affords us as individuals and businesses many wonderful opportunities.  It’s created jobs in industries that didn’t exist ten years ago, it’s enabled businesses to expand their marketplace, improved communications with customers, assists in customer service and more.

For personal users it enables families and friends to stay connected no matter where they may be in the world, it’s reconnected old friends and in many cases it’s helped people make new friends.  There are many positives but key to using it effectively is responsibility, just as it is in the offline world and always has been.

Many younger people engaging on social networks now have never known a world where a home didn’t have a computer or a mobile phone and possibly don’t even appreciate how wonderful the internet is to those of us who were forced to go to a library for information where now we have google.

And while  most adults in Ireland tend to have at least one social networking account, quite often this group who are not digital natives don’t understand or have time to learn just how powerful these networks can be whereas our kids can comfortably find their way around a smartphone before they even get to school.

With this in mind, Ready Girls have arranged an event designed to assist those who feel they’d be more comfortable if they had a little more information on how to deal with the maze that is social media.

This Friday’s event is timed to suit the start of the new school year and is particularly appropriate given some of the high profile cyber-bullying incidents which have occurred both here in Ireland and overseas in recent times.

It is supported by a number of experts in dealing with teenagers, parenting and social media including;

Teenline Ireland




Koemba logo




PR Social Media



The forum takes place online and we would hope that parents, teenagers, teachers and adults who have an interest in finding out more about how to deal with situations that can occur on the web covering everything from how to deal with a cyber-bully or reporting one to ensuring that you understand your privacy settings.

You can post your queries to the Ready Girls facebook page directly or through the private message facility if you prefer either during or in the run up to the event. Alternatively you can contact aileen@readygirls.com with your queries or indeed contact any of the supporters listed above who will be happy to pass on your queries.

Social media is wonderful, let’s ensure that our children learn to enjoy the benefits of it and how to protect themselves as they head back to school or college this year.

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