So today is the first day of our 8th year in business and we’ve been making a few changes…

Every year we mark off the milestones be they personal or business but this year we’ve made some changes that we need to share with our customers, followers of our social media and readers of our blog here at The Marketing Shop.

Well, we’ve kept a lower than normal profile for some time now for a number of reasons.  We never stopped working with clients, we just made a decision to step back a little as we made a couple of adjustments to set us up for the next chapter of our journey.

So what’s new –

Our brand – we’ve gone for a new look, out with the shades of blue and in with a bright green which signals new beginnings and growth and seem a timely look as we seem to finally have reached spring here in Ireland too.  Our logo is quite simple and describes our purpose in business which is to communicate and connect people.

Our website – we’ve streamlined our marketing and social media services, gone for a new clean look which we feel works well with the new branding and from here on in you can expect to find regular blog posts, promotions and programmes which we have plans to introduce as the year continues.

Our location – when we started out seven years ago we were based in Clontarf in North Dublin, we’re now located in South Dublin working from an office in Goatstown in Dublin 14.  As we’re quite handy for the M50 and Dublin’s City Centre we’ve actually got greater accessibility to more clients so this has been working out very well for us.

Debbie’s name – sometimes in life you need to make life changes so as of today Debbie officially reverts to her maiden name and will from now on appear in your inbox as Debbie Ringwood, all a very positive change and part of the reason for our little step back from promoting ourselves and the re-location.

So, that’s a little on why we may not have been practising as we preach for some time now but watch this space, we’re back!

And now that we’re back we’re re-introducing our email marketing programme, if you’d like to join our email database which in the edition due to your inbox in early May will cover that hot topic in business at the moment -GDPR – you can subscribe by clicking here.

And in a final update for today, those of you based in or around Dublin may or may not be aware of the upcoming Biz Expo which takes place next Wednesday, 25th April 2018 at Citywest Hotel in Dublin.  As part of our reinvention we’ll be there on the day so if you’re planning to stop by do say hello and if you haven’t got a ticket or would like to find out more you can find all the information you’ll need and arrange a free ticket for the day on their website at http://www.bizexpo.ie/

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