M FaviconAt The Marketing Shop we work with clients from a variety of industries ranging from Sole Traders who need a little extra help, to businesses with multiple locations, newly created businesses and a couple that are long established but taking on a new direction.
Our experience has covered Retail, IT, Software, Alternative Healthcare, Insurance, Life Coaching, Motor Trade, Market Research and Travel.  Totally different clients, with one thing in common – the need to outsource an element of marketing, be it a one-off project or a longer term consultancy.
So, we thought we’d share a little about the types of tasks we complete for these clients with you, just in case you haven’t yet realised why you might just need The Marketing Shop;
  • Google Adwords – we’ve worked with Adwords for many years now, working on major accounts and alongside high profile agencies, learning how to create an effective campaign, that’s quantifiable and delivers.  We create and manage campaigns and for those who have started a campaign but are not necessarily getting the results they expect, we do a one-off review that’ll make all the difference.
  • Display advertising – online or offline, we can help you place ads on prominent websites and in high profile locations, if it’s what’s suited to your business.
  • Social Media Marketing & Management – we’ll help you evaluate the pros and cons of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, et al for your business.  We don’t advocate a one size fits all, we work with you to use your resources effectively and efficiently and to help you connect with your customers and potential customers.  And we don’t just do Social Media as it’s in demand, we do Social Media as we know it.   We’ve created communities and managed them into their thousands.  We’ve also run campaigns in partnership with major brands that delivered results.  And we don’t treat Social Media as a stand alone concern, we appreciate where it fits with your overall brand.
  • Social Media Training – we work on a one to one or group basis on a programme designed around your industry and your business specifically.  We offer a Free Consultation before we tailor-make the programme to ensure that both you and The Marketing Shop are clear on the expectations of the training and that once complete, it will make a difference to your business.
  • Social Media Design – those pretty landing pages you see on facebook pages or twitter backgrounds, well they could be yours with a little help from The Marketing Shop so you can show off your business effectively.
  • Email marketing – frequently overlooked, particularly since the advent of Social Media but if you’ve been given an invitation into somebody’s inbox you can create cost effective campaigns that get results.  We can offer you the option to outsource all of your email marketing to us or alternatively we can set you up, train and set you off on track to communicate effectively with your customers.
  • Blogging – if you’ve got a website you should have a blog, one of the most effective ways you can boost your visibility on search engines and ultimately traffic to your website.  It can however be a daunting task, particularly for those who are tight on time as it is and is often dropped after an initial burst of enthusiasm gives way to more pressing concerns.  You can outsource the blogging to us and we’ll make that difference for you online.
  • WordPress sites – we’ve worked on a range of sites for very different clients, all of which leave the client with a site they can manage, that works effectively for the web and can be updated to a fresh new look quite easily if you decide to refresh your brand at a later date without losing any of your all important visibility on search engines.
  • Press Releases – having written for one of Ireland’s most loved brands, we’re quite the expert in delivering a concise message as necessary.  A task that many small business owners fear can be addressed in as little as a few hours for a lot less than you might expect.  And we can do it on a one-off basis for you too.
  • Marketing consultancy – a lot of small business owners like to take care of marketing themselves, but occasionally find that they need a little extra help on an event or project but don’t have the need to employ somebody.  Some of our projects are over a period of weeks or months, others are a couple of hours a month.  All consultancy projects are tailored to suit the business in question.
  • Traditional marketing – whilst we’re quite the fan of online marketing, we appreciate that there are many businesses for whom newspaper ads or flyers are a more suitable form of marketing.  We’ve worked with everything from local free-sheets to national papers, so we know how to ensure your ad makes the right impact.  We’ve also created point of sale material for retail premises and worked on sponsorships and promotions on a regional or country-wide basis.
  • Copywriting – we’ve written for print and web and we know that even if you’re selling the same products or services online and offline, that there are differences in how you approach it for your customer.  We appreciate that copy written for the web needs to account for Google, Yahoo or Bing whilst also appealing to a reader who is just a click away from a competitor.
And there’s more, but today we hope to enlighten you just a little on how those marketing tasks that you’d been struggling to find time to complete can be outsourced to the professionals at The Marketing Shop.
Ultimately, if it’s marketing – online, offline, social media – you need to speak to The Marketing Shop for experience that counts and marketing that suits your business, and your budget!
Contact us now hello@themarketingshop.ie or speak to Debbie at 0872785818

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